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An experimental Electronic / Industrial / Independent musician in Los Angeles, CA with an eclectic and often unpolished sound.

the Omar Outfit first adopted its name in the early 2000s in the era of Myspace Music with a copy of Propellerhead Reason v1.0 and a desktop microphone. Charles Corbett was influenced at the time by a wide variety of music such as the now-defunct label Flying Rhino Records, Massive Attack, Atmos, Chemical Brothers, Crystal Method, and Joe Boyd Vigil. As he’s grown, so has his influences: Lorn, Missio, And One, and Low Roar to name a few.
the Omar Outfit went on a multi-year hiatus around 2014 as career work caught up to Charles, but resurfaced once more in 2018 with a renewed focus and passion. While not known to do live performances, and perfectly comfortable remaining a studio musician, Charles wants to now share his music as widely as he can.





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